About Us

SiFotonics Technologies Co., Ltd. is a privately funded world leading fabless company specializing in silicon photonics components and integrated circuits for telecom, datacom and consumer electronics.

Established in late 2006, SiFotonics Technologies Co., Ltd. has an IP portfolio with over 30 patents pending or issued, including a broad portfolio of patents on CMOS compatible photonics and related IC technology. SiFotonics has established strategic partnership with several of the leading global semiconductor foundries.

SiFotonics has realized the most innovated silicon photonics technologies from R&D phase to production phase.  SiFotonics launched a number of new products, including 2.5G/10G/25G Ge/Si APD/Array, optical HDMI SerDes, 10G CMOS TIA, and 10G/25G Ge/Si PIN PD/Array. These products have been the first-ever silicon photonics components to pass 5000 hours reliability test and start to ship since 2014.  

Recently, SiFotonics has also made remarkable progress on developing 100G photonic integrated circuits, e.g. 100G PSM4 and 100G DP-QPSK integrated coherent receiver chips and solutions, for both data center and metro/regional/long haul applications.

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