SiFotonics Ge/Si avalanche photodiodes utilize separate absorption, charge and multiplication (SACM) structure to achieve excellent absorption efficiency, high gain and low noise factor, simultaneously, benefitting from high responsivity of germanium to near-infrared light and low k-factor of Si as multiplication layer. SiFotonics focuses on designing state-of-the-art Ge/Si APDs featuring solidity, uniformity and superb reliability. Our 2.5 Gb/s and 10Gb/s Ge/Si APDs are mass-produced at standard CMOS foundry. SiFotonics Ge/Si APDs have lower temperature dependence owing to incorporating Si as avalanche material, compared with traditional InP or InAlAs materials, and is able to operating over a wide temperature range from -40°C to 85°C. All SiFotonics Ge/Si APDs can be customized, including optimal wavelength, data rate, array size and array pitch.

APD Product Series

Product Name Data Rate Active Diameter Wavelength Details
AP2002-20S8 25Gbps 20um 830~1000nm Read More
AP2005-12M3 25Gbps 12um 1260~1360nm Read More
AP1503-20M3 10Gbps 20um 1260~1360nm Read More
AP1505-20L5 10Gbps 20um 1530-1565nm Read More
AP1505-20L7 10Gbps 20um 1575-1580nm Read More
AP1503-30S8 10Gbps 30um 830~1000nm Read More

Multi-Channel APD Product Series

Product Name Data Rate Active Diameter Pitch Details
AP1541-25M3 4x10Gbps 25um 1260~1360nm Read More
AP1545-25L5 4x10Gbps 25um 1530~1565nm Read More
AP2045-16M3 4x25Gbps 16um 1260~1360nm Read More

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