Germanium-on-silicon technology is the new driving technology to manufacture near-infrared (0.8um to 1.6um) photodiodes instead of InGaAs material for the fields of telecommunications, metro networks and FTTHs. This technology has an overwhelming superiority in mass production and uniformity, owing to compatibility with CMOS manufacturing process. After years’ research and development, SiFotonics Ge/Si PIN photodiodes have been optimized for best performance, including high responsivity, fast response, low capacitance and low bias voltage. The product portfolio covers speeds from 10 Gb/s to 25 Gb/s. All SiFotonics Ge/Si PD devices can be customized, including optimal wavelength, data rate, array size and array pitch.

PIN PD Product Series

Product Name Data Rate Active Diameter Wavelength Details
PD1503-50M3 10Gbps 50um 1260~1360nm Read More
PD1503-36M3 10Gbps 36um 1260~1360nm Read More
PD2005-20M3 25Gbps 20um 1260~1360nm Read More
PD2005-16M3 25Gbps 16um 1260~1360nm Read More

Multi-Channel PIN PD Product Series

Product Name Data Rate Active Diameter Pitch Details
PD2045-20M3-xx 4x25Gbps 20um 1260~1360nm Read More
PD1541-36M3-xx 4x10Gbps 36um 1260~1360nm Read More

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