In recent years, several protocols (USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4a…) have been developed to meet the high bandwidth requirement of data and video transfer in consumer electronics. The traditional copper wire cable imposes limits on signal transmission distance and signal quality. Utilizing optical fiber for the transmission of signals with data rate over 5Gb/s stead of copper wire is an irreversible trend. SiFotonics has devoted herself to consumer electronic applications of optical communication technology for years. Different kinds of SerDes with wide range data rate have been developed. SiFotonics has the world’s leading 10G SerDes technology, with which extreme low bit error rate (BER) can be achieved with most optical modules. SiFotonics has begun to deliver its first chip set for HDMI Active Optical Cable (HDMI AOC). Because of the fully understanding of HDMI Spec, SiFotonics’ demo system is compatible to almost all the commercial HDMI sources and sinks on the market.

HDMI SerDes Series

Product Name Data Rate Main Functions Pin Number Details
SD1502/SD1512 10Gbps HDMI to Serial data 96 Read More
SD1503/SD1513 10Gbps HDMI to Serial data 96 Read More

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