High Reliability of SiFotonics Ge/Si PD/APD Devices

As a relatively new technology platform, the reliability of Ge/Si optoelectronic devices has not been well understood by the industry. In this white paper, it is shown that how SiFotonics evaluates the reliability and operation lifetime of Ge/Si PD/APD devices, which demonstrates that the reliability performance of Ge/Si devices meets theTelcordia GR-468-CORE standard and the requirement for use in high reliability telecommunication systems. On the other hand, it is also shown that Ge/Si devices demonstrate superior reliability in humidity environment, which will facilitate the evolution toward low-cost non-hermetic-packaged optoelectronic devices.

High Performance of SiFotonics Ge/Si Avalanche Photodiode

Theoretical calculations of Ge/Si APDs parameters prove that Ge/Si APDs’ relatively large dark current is not the dominant limitation of receiver sensitivity. Comparisons of Ge/Si APDs and III-V APDs demonstrate that Ge/Si APDs have the ability to present superior sensitivity especially at high speed operation. Measured APD sensitivity data is consistent with our theoretical predictions.

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