• Job Vacancy:OSA product Senior Engineer

    OSA product Senior Engineer

    Thisposition will be part of the SiFotonics Si-PIC R&D department, and directlyreport the Si-PIC department manager. The engineer is required to work closelywith the Si-PIC R&D group, to provide the market with extreme performance100G/200G coherent components.


       1.Responsible for development of advanced OSAproducts for 100G/200G coherent transmission systems with siliconphotonics.  

       2.Leadinga group of process engineers, and drive product reliability, yield andperformance improvement.

       3.Responsiblefor FA analysis for major failure modes, drive/take  yield and performance improvement actions,and make joint effort with ME and QE.

       4.Ownproduct internal spec, BOM and DP. Mentor PE technicians.

       5.Own product ECR and ECO for yieldimprovement, quality improvement and customer requirement. Review and approveowned product engineering change.


       1.Master (3+ years of experience), orbachelor (8+ years of experience), with major in EE, physics, etc.

       2.Currentlyin fiber communication industry.

       3.Experienceof advanced OSA (25G, 100G, etc) products R&D.

       4.Experienceof transceiver module is a plus.

       5.Goodcommunication and coordination skill.


  • Job Vacancy:Device Physics Engineer

    Device Physics Engineer

    In this role you will help the R&D team with design, verification, and characterization of SiFotonics' Intgrated SiliconPhotonics technology, to commercialize SiFotonics' cutting edge silicon photonics technology.


       1.Work with a team of researchers to develop integrated silicon photonic circuit products.

       2.Work with a team of researchers to design and optimize photonic device components.

       3.Design and modeling of high-speed integrated silicon photonic components.

       4.Device characterization data analysis.


       1.Graduate degree (Ph.D., M.S.E.E.) in Engineering or Physics with background in optoelectronics or silicon photonics.

       2.Solid knowledge in semiconductor devices, semiconductor physics and related material.

       3.Good knowledge semiconductor manufacturing process.

       4.Good knowledge in characterization of photonic devices.

       5.Fluent English speaking and writing.

       6.Good with team working.

       7.Knowledge on following will be a plus :

             •Familiar with microwave transmission line theory

             •Familiar with semiconductor device and photonic simulation CAD tools

             •Familiar with CMOS process.


  • Job Vacancy:Electronics Engineer

    Electronics Engineer

         Provide technical expertise in the research, design and test Application-specific silicon photonics devices and optical interconnection system for consumer electronics and commercial applications.

         Specifically, define and implement electro-optical system and PCB circuits design, simulation and fabrication; evaluate all aspects of the semiconductor manufacture process from cost performance, reliability and design flow; design, fabricate and package devices including electro optical device such as Photodiode (PD), VCSEL, TO/ROSA, integrated circuit(IC) for fiber communication; design test bench for each device and whole electro-optical system, conduct test experiments for data acquisition by using electronic device characterization equipments; design and debug Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) software and flow for mass production; troubleshoot and repair both current products and old designs. Maintain the security, accuracy and completeness of information, files and data created.


    1. Master degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering.

    2. With 1-year proven experience taking analog/mixed signal integrated circuits from spec to transistor level design and mass production.

    3. Experience of electro-optical system design using electro-optical devices such as Photodiode (PD), VCSEL, TO/ROSA is required.

    4. Deep understanding of electrical layer of serial link specifications and physical layer of optical communication protocol.

    5. Design experience on serial links (HDMI/SATA/PCIe) is also required.

    6. Up to 30% international travel to Shanghai China is expected.  

    Please send resume to SiFotonics Technologies (USA), Inc. at 500 West Cummings Park, Suite 3250, Woburn, MA 01801.Attn: C. Hong, Director. Ref#: 3488963.

    SiFotonics Technologies (USA), Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in any way in our employment practices.


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